Case Studies

This section presents short case briefs and longer case studies conducted by students and practitioners during the courses on humanitarian intelligence. If you would like to showcase your own cases, please email the author.

Food security in Palestinian gatherings in Lebanon, March 2016

Jon Gunnarsson Ruthman   |   Comprehensive Context Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Social Network Analysis   |   Chapters: 5 / 6 /  7

See also: Humanitarian Crisis Intervention and Security - Chapter 12

Child Protection in Somalia -Combating Child Use and Recruitment, March 2016

Sarah Stingl   |   AGIRI Stakeholder Analysis  |   Chapters: 6

Brief - Typhoon Haiyan - Cash  Transfers in Philipines, Nov. 2013

Marina Nowacka, Margaux Carteret, Tanain Villela Aldabalde, Michał Jóźwiak       Starbursting, Humanitarian SWOT Matrix   |   Chapters: 4

Brief - Education in Kenya, 2016

Marie Darbo, Marta Mori, Thomas Smarczyk, Estanislao Cobo               Starbursting, Humanitarian SWOT Matrix   |   Chapters: 4

Extension of Child Protection Activities in North East Nigeria, March 2017

Molly Lambert    |    AGIRI Stakeholder Analysis, Social Network Analysis   |   Chapters:  6 /  7

Food Insecurity in Borno State (Northeast Nigeria), March 2017

Anna Lundberg    |    AGIRI Stakeholder Analysis, Social Network Analysis   |   Chapters:  6 /  7

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