Praise for "Humanitarian Intelligence"

“Today humanitarian actors are having to respond faster, stay longer, and constantly  find creative solutions to overcome challenges. Central to meeting the needs of millions of people every day is the ability of the humanitarian system to gather, interpret, and manage information. Humanitarian Intelligence elevates the vital role that intelligence analysis plays in the humanitarian sector. Most important, leaders and practitioners alike now have a working framework they can easily and immediately incorporate in their next relief operation.”


senior advisor and senior policy director, Convoy of Hope

“As the humanitarian paradigm shifts to massive numbers not seen before in history, the ability to collect, analyze, and systemize information is more important than ever. Utilizing approaches from experts in intelligence gathering will provide humanitarians and governments with the ability to address needs faster, more adequately, and with accuracy to ensure impact. Humanitarian Intelligence is groundbreaking and will help revolutionize humanitarian responses in the future.”


regional humanitarian and emergency affairs director, World Vision East Africa Regional Office

“The World Humanitarian Summit and the Agenda for Humanity are clear: the way that the humanitarian community delivers aid and builds resilience needs to change drastically, and academia should be at the core of this transformation through the provision of disaggregated reliable data and innovative analysis. Zwitter timely and successfully takes up the challenge and provides all humanitarian stakeholders with a groundbreaking approach to data collection, analysis, and processes of decision-making, for the benefit of evidence-based humanitarian programming and project design. His book will truly be a game changer!”


president, Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA)

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